About Us

GUNA Travel is a travel agency based in Hannover Germany.

We offer hotel availability during the major exhibitions,  trade fairs and  events in Germany and tailor made leisure hotel bookings at the most exotic destinations on the planet.
 Through our contracts with the major European Tour Operators we can offer you  available rooms even at the busiest periods of the year - like Christmas, New Year,  January - April ..  And of course our local cooperators will be there to  welcome and assist you during your holidays.
 At www.guna-travel.com you can really have  REAL TIME AVAILABILITY and get   INSTANT CONFIRMATION.

Through our passion for what we do,  we want to give you the service which match to those customers who want to stay independent and not be influenced by the impersonal chaos of Internet. Our purpose is not to become a  "big and unpersonal" travel agency. We want to  be useful to you and  build a successful long-termed cooperation based on good, friendly and quality service, honesty and reliability.

We tried that this site can represent our style and way of working.
Simple content...With All Useful Information ... Friendly ... and Fast.

We look forward to listen your individual holiday dreams... no matter at which point on this planet you are right now...  send us your request...at info@guna-travel.de  or info@guna-travel.com

We understand that an important reason to work with us is "trust".
For this reason our site  and our Hotel Booking System is hosted at a secure server.
All information you give through it, are encrypted and protected through one of the biggest SSL Certificate Authority in the world.

We try to make your decission to work with us as easy as possible. A lot of companies from around the globe and private persons booked already with us and some even became steady clients of GUNA Travel.

GUNA Travel Germany GmbH

Boedekerstr. 84
D 30161 Hannover, Germany

web: www.guna-travel.de
e-Mail: info@guna-travel.de

Tel +49 (0)511 1222 9680
Fax +49 (0)511 700 39 622

 Responsible for trade fairs and special events in Germany:
Mr Gunther Naumann | e-Mail: naumann@guna-travel.com

 Responsible for destination Maldives:
Mrs Athanasia Giannadaki | e-Mail: giannadaki@guna-travel.com


Thank you for visiting GUNA Travel.

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