drupa Dusseldorf

graphic and industrial print, media and multichannel. New dates: 20-30 APR 2021

Official Website of drupa Dusseldorf Trade fair dates: 20 Apr 2021 - 30 Apr 2021

New dates = 20 APR - 30 APR 2021


--> Check as well our hotels in Cologne and Essen for DRUPA. Both cities can be reached in less than 1/2 hour by train.


Check ALL our online hotel availability for 'DRUPA' fair below. We offer accommodation in
- Dusseldorf city,
- Cologne (ca. 40km to Dusseldorf, around 25 minutes by train),
- More cities close to Duesseldorf (like e.g. Essen, Bochum, Oberhausen and others)


If you need more than one room, please contact our service team. We can check availability at the same moment.


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