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Ready for some sunny days at the beach or a city shopping or cultural trip to Europe, USA, Asia or anywhere else in the world?
Leave the destination field empty and just choose your preferred travel dates (don't forget to select the "travel duration"),
choose the criteria you want (e.g. sea view, star rating, price range, meal plan etc.)
and get all our available hotels and resorts displayed - sorted by regions all over the planet - in real time!


Are you flexible in your travel dates?
Choose the travel period you want to travel (e.g. 05 SEP - 20 SEP) and then the travel duration (e.g. 1 week).
As result you will see the cheapest hotel offers for a one week stay in the travel period between 05 SEP and 20 SEP)


Book the whole package included flight and hotel.
If you can fly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland or Holland then choose "PACKAGE" at our hotel booking engine.
And the best of all: Again you can take advantage of the above written search options! Try it ...


Please note that our hotel booking engine is connected directly with the booking systems of German tour operators.
For some cities or regions you will need to use the "German" city/region name e.g.:

"Munchen" for Munich, "Koln" for Cologne,"Wien" for Vienna, Venedig for "Venice", Mailand for Milan, "Mallorca" for Majorca,
"Kanarische Inseln" for Canary islands, "Spanien" for Spain, "Griechenland" for Greece, "Kreta" for Crete, "Zypern" for Cyprus,
"Frankreich" for France,  "Agypten" for Egypt, "Deutschland" for Germany, "Kroatien" for Croatia, "Osterreich" for Austria,
"Schweiz" for Switzerland, "Indischer Ozean" for Indian Ocean, "Malediven" for Maldives, "Karibik" for Caribbean, etc.


Good to know:


- Most information which is coming back from the booking engine is in German language. If you need any clarification please contact us:
- If you travel with children, please note that the final total price is shown after you click on 'check availability' of your choice (and at the 'booking' field).
- If you need more than one room - please contact us - we are able to check the availability at once.
- We accept bookings from all countries! If your country is not listed in the online booking system, please use our request forms or send an email.

If you need more than 01 room or if you have any questions please contact





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